Not the best of Guerlain

This is only Guerlain product I've been really dissapointed with. It's the Ombre Eclat Eye Primer. Luckily I got it for a really cheap price from our airport staff outlet store. I remember I paid around 11€. Not bad. The retail price for this seems to be around 30€.
This product was a real disappointment! It was stiff, hard to apply on your lid and even the brush was terrible.  I don't think it did any wonders or prevented my eyeshadow from creasing. Only good thing about this is the packaging: it's beautiful and very luxurious! But I would never buy this product again. Has anyone found this product to be useful? If yes, let me know.
My second least favorite item is the 6 color palette. I've got the one above #29 Rue De Sevres. The colors are amazing, packaging is great but these colors crease like crazy. I have tried priming my eye lids with at least 5 different products, but nothing seems to help. Any ideas? At the end of the day my lids look and feel  super greasy and it's such a shame because this palette is so gorgeous. It retails for about 71€ which, again, is high price for eyeshadows. For that price I would expect something truly amazing. What a pity! See the swatched here and take a closer look here.

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