I was not supposed to spend any money on things I don't really need (we are saving for a holiday). Unfortunately   my best friend called me after work and asked me to join her at the local mall. Well, obviously I said yes and here's what happened:

I ended up buying few things. But all the things above were less than 40€! And I helped the economy. 

Depend Nailpolish Remover 5,10€
Strawberry Moisture Mask 2,30€
Aussie Take The Heat Shampoo 9,90€
Wet N' Wild Nailpolish 3,95€
2 Flormar Long Wear Nailpolishes 2,50€ each
Wallet 9,95€ 

I think the quality of these "Flormar" polishes is quite allright. Not very pigmented but you get full coverage after 3 coats. I've never heard of this brand before and they were on sale 2,50€ per polish. Not bad! On the right picture you can see the polishes on my nails. 

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