Have you seen these new Caviar Pearls manicure sets by Ciaté? Amazing! But it will only look good on long nails. These manicure sets retail for £18.00 (that includes 1 polish and the beads).

There are 3 colors to choose from: Rainbow, Mother of Pearl and Black Pearls. I think the black one is the prettiest.

I think you could totally recreate this Caviar look without these products. Check out PolishAholic's blog post.
Adele was seen wearing Ciaté's Louboutin inspired polishes at Grammy's. The set of 4 polishes cost £30.


I was not supposed to spend any money on things I don't really need (we are saving for a holiday). Unfortunately   my best friend called me after work and asked me to join her at the local mall. Well, obviously I said yes and here's what happened:

I ended up buying few things. But all the things above were less than 40€! And I helped the economy. 

Depend Nailpolish Remover 5,10€
Strawberry Moisture Mask 2,30€
Aussie Take The Heat Shampoo 9,90€
Wet N' Wild Nailpolish 3,95€
2 Flormar Long Wear Nailpolishes 2,50€ each
Wallet 9,95€ 

I think the quality of these "Flormar" polishes is quite allright. Not very pigmented but you get full coverage after 3 coats. I've never heard of this brand before and they were on sale 2,50€ per polish. Not bad! On the right picture you can see the polishes on my nails. 

My favorite O.P.I nailpolishes

I love O.P.I nailpolishes! They are long lasting, easy to apply and they come in amazing colors. Plus I love the funny names they have. Here are my top four polishes:

#1 My Private Jet I love glitter and dark colors on nails. When you combine these two, you get my favourite polish. This is a must have!
#2 Blue My Mind I used to hate blue and green nailpolishes, but after seeing this royal blue color I was sold. This one is colorful enough without being "over the top". I can even wear this at work with right clothes.
#3 Let Me Entertain You This one came with the Burlesque collection. It's a bright fuchsia with a lot of glitter. Absolutely amazing!
#4 Kyoto Pearl The name already says it: this one will make your nails look like pearls. Beautiful white color and great as an everyday nailpolish. 

Not the best of Guerlain

This is only Guerlain product I've been really dissapointed with. It's the Ombre Eclat Eye Primer. Luckily I got it for a really cheap price from our airport staff outlet store. I remember I paid around 11€. Not bad. The retail price for this seems to be around 30€.
This product was a real disappointment! It was stiff, hard to apply on your lid and even the brush was terrible.  I don't think it did any wonders or prevented my eyeshadow from creasing. Only good thing about this is the packaging: it's beautiful and very luxurious! But I would never buy this product again. Has anyone found this product to be useful? If yes, let me know.
My second least favorite item is the 6 color palette. I've got the one above #29 Rue De Sevres. The colors are amazing, packaging is great but these colors crease like crazy. I have tried priming my eye lids with at least 5 different products, but nothing seems to help. Any ideas? At the end of the day my lids look and feel  super greasy and it's such a shame because this palette is so gorgeous. It retails for about 71€ which, again, is high price for eyeshadows. For that price I would expect something truly amazing. What a pity! See the swatched here and take a closer look here.

My favorite lipstick right now

I love Guerlain, especially their Rouge G de Guerlain lipsticks. My current favourite is number 68 "Gigi".
It's a hot fuchsia color and I think this color looks amazing on me. It's a quite matte color and very pigmented. The lipstick stays on quite well and looks best when it wears off a bit. See some swatches here

Only bad thing about it is definitely the price: Around $45 in the U.S and 38€ in France. Very expensive for a lipstick! Mine is almost finished. Please let me know if you find any cheaper alternatives.